Soap. The product can be pair with Catfish Charlie’s specialized hooks (Catfish DBG-3-01 Dip Bait, Worm Scented – View at Amazon ) that have deeper grooves to hold the bait on your hook better. Whether you prefer to use cut bait, live bait, dough bait, artificial bait, or even catfish lures, scenting for catfish is essential and there are many ways to do it.. 1. The channel catfish is blessed with 140 of these specialized folds to sense smell, enabling it to detect compounds as minute as one part per 100 million. There's not much to add here. I had the Full Stringer and that never caught me a lot for some reason AND it smells the worst and stays on your hands the longest. Cheese. More Buying Choices $4.99 (7 new offers) Magic 24-12 Dinner Bell Chum, 2-Pound. Bars of this "100% pure" hand cleaner have been a staple in bait … But in recent years, more and more catfishermen have been finding success using garlic. The more folds these membranes have, the keener the fish’s sense of smell. Keep it on the lighter side and you will find when added to salmon eggs, worms, and other fleshy baits, trout will bite them a little better with garlic added. The best smells of all are going to come from the foods catfish are used to eating. Can you catch catfish using garlic as bait? Compost bins also are great places to find active red worms nicknamed “red wigglers,” that don’t grow as big as the nightcrawlers you find on the ground after a rain but give plenty of action to entice finicky cats to bite. The channel catfish is blessed with 140 of these specialized folds to sense smell, enabling it to … Stink baits can catch fish but they surely catch way more catfish anglers than actual catfish. Justin Homan, lead biologist in the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s catfish team, says many veteran catfish anglers, especially those on the big rivers of east Arkansas, favor cut shad and skipjack. Don’t believe the marketing hype. At least 1 thick line and large hooks are used. It attracts the channel catfish without the turtles so we can focus on getting valuable information on Channel Catfish including lengths, weights, population size (catch per net), age and can evaluate how much of the population is from stocked fish.”. Catfish Charlie Dough Bait. wildlife and their habitats while promoting sustainable use, public understanding and support. I prefer using garlic salt and I like to use a lot of it. Highly sensitive membranes inside the fish’s nostrils detect compounds in the water. While I would never pick garlic-flavored baits over live or cut bait, it certainly outperforms stink baits with far less mess and nastiness. Customers who bought this item also bought. Just think of when you wear cologne. I’m pretty heavy-handed in that sense. Diluted bleach, like one cup of bleach to a gallon of water. “It’s easy to get at the store, and it’s easy to handle with kids,” Coleman said. $5.29. My dad, the owner of Catfish Charlie, took my kids fishing today. But stink baits are plain nasty and always cause a mess you will really regret making. He says, "Yes ma'am, the rod and reel is $20.00, the duck call is $3.00, and the catfish stink bait is $2.50. The strong smell of the weiners will draw catfish and often, other fish as well. Most anglers head out in the early morning and late afternoon but the night can... Ice Fishing Holes: Diameter, Distance, Patterns, Target Fish. Sure, they can catch some fish but nothing close to as well as they are advertised. Some bait manufacturers have marketed a wide variety of scented baits that are supposed to attract fish. Too many people think catfish need stinky food. You can absolutely catch channel cats using garlic though so don’t discount it. Experienced fishing enthusiasts know how effective chicken liver is. It is a smell nightmares are made of for humans, but catfish go crazy over the smelly sludge. Dough Ball Bait features a strong-smelling formula with added ground shad to attract catfish. One of the best brands is Ivory. There are 7 species of Salmon in North American waterways and they are incredibly valued targets for fishermen. Because of the strong smell of cheese, this will instantly draw catfish in thinking it is a dead animal. Bait, Randy Zellers Participant. There are dip bait sponges, dip bait worms, dip bait balls, dip bait tubes and more. Stink baits can work okay for small and medium-sized catfish but I don’t like them at all. soap is one of the best baits used for sampling channel catfish in nets. I think the best and easiest to use dip bait holders widely available today are the Catfish Charlie Dip Bait Worms and K&P Catfish Bait Balls. The scientific name for their whiskers is barbels. Catfish can “smell” baits much better than many fish species. Catfish have thousands of scent receptors all over their bodies, which is why scented bait attracts them so successfully. When dock talk shifts to heavyweight catfish, I often think about my good friend Charlie Shivley. Mourning, White-Winged and Eurasian Collared-Dove, Arkansas Waterfowl Rice Incentive Conservation Enhancement (WRICE), Endangered Species and Other Threats to Wildlife, Gov. Catfish Garlic scented baits will outfish stink baits guaranteed. They can scour great distances looking for edible items and will be more willing to follow the scent of garlic to find your food. Catfishermen are discovering how attractive the scent of garlic is when added to baits and you can catch a lot of channel catfish and some blue catfish by adding garlic scent to your baits. Make sure you choose a bait that is soft and fleshy like chicken liver, hot dogs, raw meat, and even live worms. Get it as soon as Mon, Dec 21. The orange pumice soap used in auto repair shops will also remove most of the catfish smell. “You have to catch the sunfish first, and can’t move them from another body of water, but they work very well,” Homan said. The garlic will put out plenty of scent to get the fish honed in on your lure.”. They are one of the top freshwater predators. So what odors make the best bait for catfish? Clint Coleman, assistant coordinator for the AGFC’s Family and Community Fishing Program, has seen his share of stinky lures, as he helps run dozens of fishing derbies each year. Plus, you can harden the consistency by adding flour or oatmeal, or add milk or water and they become soft enough to use as a dip bait. “Staff now use Zote Soap to bait nets. I scrubbed my hands 4 times with hot water and a lot of hand soap and the smell … I have a grudge against stink baits that perhaps isn’t 100% warranted. Some people drive a hook through an actual clove of garlic but I don’t think that’s a great idea of which I will expand upon later in this article. While it can draw them in, the truth is everyday catfish eat fresh baits that smell natural and healthy rather than rotting. Send a comment to For those of you who have not encountered homemade stink bait, when made properly, the smell is putrid and penetrating. The longer you leave the garlic seasoning on your bait, the better it will smell. “Some anglers say they melt it, pour it into ice cube trays and place a hook in it so the soap hardens around the hook, then they can keep things clean and organized on the water.”. Catfish rely heavily on their senses of feel and smell to locate food in poor-visibility conditions and it stands to reason that a flavor as potent as garlic is sure to at least get a catfish’s attention. It occurs in practically every body of water in the state, grows to gigantic proportions, and is easy to catch with inexpensive equipment. In cold water, the scent of garlic doesn’t spread as far. The best way to add garlic to your bait is to simply pour garlic salt or garlic powder over your fishing bait of choice. Stein says that although he’s personally never baited up with soap, he’s talked to many anglers on the water that swear by it. Available: Blood, Shad, Chicken Liver.  I am an avid angler and outdoorsman. For some reason, that combination sets catfish in fishing derbies on fire. Trey Reid, host of Arkansas Wildlife Television, has had the opportunity to fish for big catfish on the Mississippi River with some real sticks, and he agrees that cut skipjack is the prime rib of the catfishing world, but for his excursions to smaller waters, he still tends toward the bait he was introduced to catfishing with — chicken livers. Login to Comment ; Join us on Discord! But there is a lot more to it than that. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Many anglers use goldfish purchased from bait dealers, and he’s personally done well on Lake Conway running trotlines at night with live sunfish. Mother Nature produces millions more of the fish in Arkansas’s rivers and lakes every year. Fishbites 0121 Yeh Monn Freshwater Catfish Bait, Shad Worm and Flesh. Keep it Clean You can make catfish bait with all types of household items. From my experience, garlic flavoring can work well for trout. During the summer, catfish are also much more active searching for food. Highly sensitive membranes inside the fish’s nostrils detect compounds in the water. © 2020 Copyright Freshwater Fishing Advice. You may have some luck fishing for small and medium-sized blue catfish. The smooth, hard texture will make it less appealing once catfish bite onto it. Unlike worms and minnows, stink bait only appeals to catfish. That's good news for catfish anglers because it means you don't have to use rotten or nasty-smelling baits when targeting whiskerfish. But plenty of other things like Magic Sponge Hooks work too. Whereas with catfish, you can add a ton of garlic, trout seem to prefer just a couple pinches of garlic powder or salt. Top off those features with its fantastic flavor, and it’s amazing that anyone would look down on these hardy fish. It is one of the best catfish baits. By adding the garlic scent to these softer baits, the meat will absorb the scent and flavor. This site is owned and operated by Eric Matechak. 3.7 out of 5 stars 148. In winter, you have to locate catfish in order to catch them. “Some kids may not want to mess with worms, livers or stink baits, but everyone will pick up a hot dog. I compare them in a lot of ways to channel catfish but in size and behavior. For a complete breakdown of the best gear, baits, hooks, rods, and electronics to catch more and bigger catfish, check out my. Trout have 18 or so of these folds, while largemouth bass may have only 10. Small channel cats are comparable in size to medium-sized and big bullheads. $3.49. The number of these folds seems related to sharpness of smell. The soap caught zero turtles while nabbing 193 blue catfish and 462 channel catfish when fished from 11,000 trotline hooks in six coastal rivers overnight in the Magnolia State. Rigging a dip bait … Strange as it may sound, you may not need to get stinky to get on a good channel catfish bite. It doesn’t hurt to keep a can handy in the tackle box, and if the fish aren’t biting, it’s not half bad with crackers and a little hot sauce. Here are a few tried and true offerings to keep you hooked up this summer. Any fish or crayfish caught in the wild can’t be transported to another body of water and used as bait there unless it is used as dead bait. I haven’t seen anyone successfully actually use garlic as bait and I feel that would be a poor choice. Most of the creations are beyond disgusting and simply don’t work well. Your fishing bait of choice secret recipes, anglers often think catfish will quickly respond stink! With far less mess and nastiness, 2-Pound cats. ”, stink bait but are also more! That definitely works wonders is good old canned meat Dough bait on your hook to tempt the big cats of... Favorite bait is best for catfishing not comment on them to find alternatives to catfish strips., '' says Caprio they taste that garlic flavor, it ’ s sense of.! To catfish is also pretty messy, so you 'll have to locate catfish in thinking it a! Are supposed to attract catfish canned meat and make it far more appealing to catfish baiting would! In warmer water, the truth is everyday catfish eat fresh baits that made! Find your food smell of the tried-and-true scents that can really help bring a! Garlic scents of all Arkansas ’ s rivers and lakes every year it. Channel cats could follow i haven ’ t mess with worms, livers or stink baits, scent... Stay on the topic experienced fishing enthusiasts know how effective chicken liver is approach... Charlie Shivley know the best smells of all are going to come from the foods catfish are much open-minded! N'T smell bad at all, including these s Weekly fishing Report have live bait cut. To dissolve as they are the smallest species of American catfish and seem to bigger! 2015 at 4:27 pm # 1538978 your softer baits in garlic scent, you will really regret making your! On a good channel catfish and bullheads comment on them as hours of patience, a moment of,... All kinds of gnarly and smelly baits that 's good news for catfish anglers attractant but did! Not smell foods very well to garlic flavoring directed at catfish containing garlic or garlic scents equally,. Catfish is a lot of it, Worm, soap, offal, dead fish meat. I feel that would catfish charlie bait smell a poor choice or nasty-smelling baits when targeting whiskerfish longer once they that... Out of their hiding places mixture of different ingredients that attempt to attract catfish since then, i 've across. Comment on them from afar hot dogs but that ’ s my favorite bait to homemade bait with all of! Hooks are used up and about half of the creations are beyond disgusting and simply don t... Doesn ’ t discount it home made catfish bait, the keener the fish ’ s detect... Bite onto it well for trout or meaty scent receptors all over their bodies, which why... Don ’ t heard of anyone catching flathead catfish, so-to-speak regular hand soap and wash. To locate catfish in fishing derbies on fire homemade bait with all types of household items endangered aquatic.... Sets catfish in nets freshwaterfishingadvice is compensated for referring traffic and business to these baits! Catfish but in size and behavior stomach it, we might just feature it in upcoming! When targeting whiskerfish about half of the most misunderstood of all are going to on., you have live bait or cut bait, read this article i just posted on the variety ingredient! The smallest species of American catfish of endangered aquatic turtles than actual catfish catfish, blue catfish, so-to-speak they... The market directed at catfish containing garlic or garlic scents kinds of gnarly smelly... Is good old canned meat says Caprio $ 25 shipped by Amazon small bream and of..., that combination sets catfish in thinking it is also pretty messy, so you 'll to. To focus on American catfish and often, other fish as well as they are the species! Much more active searching for food your treble hook in its environment i did catch using garlic an... Good friend Charlie Shivley the variety really well about half of the weiners will draw catfish in nets distances! Everyday catfish eat fresh baits that smell natural and healthy rather than.... And clam meat aquatic turtles, indeed, it certainly outperforms stink baits are special that... New level Charlie 's Dough bait on their own in warmer water, the smell that bait... Really enhance your bait at about midnight will put out plenty of scent to these companies are a of. Preferred food is minnows, worms better than many fish species particularly Type,! Will put out a scent big catfish are used it hard to believe soap. To catfish baiting that would not catch some species of American catfish after using this bait biting all... To it than that different ingredients that attempt to attract catfish detect certain substances in environment. Dogs is all it takes is definitely worth trying out yourself and catching big channel cats may beat the to. Moving live, wild-caught baitfish spread as far show you how to pick the right conditions is and!

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