While I was out the water got choppy plus jet skis and boats passing by throwing wakes I was still comfortable enough to stay standing, while kneeling down was much better. These include: The majority of paddlers don’t want to worry about their fins, which is why the ROC 10’ Explorer tri-fin setup is mostly a satisfying setup. Height: 10 feet. Additionally, there are a noticeable number of complaints about how difficult it is to work with the ROC SUP Co. customer service team when something goes wrong. Having the bungees at the nose of the board with 6 anchor points (as opposed to 4 like most competitor boards I looked at) provides plenty of cargo space and feels very secure. I still manage to fall off - guess I'll have to keep practicing! Thinking of potentially buying another. The latest ones are on Nov 26, 2020 ROC Co.’s mission is to create products that are built to last and can stand up to the rigors of your lifestyle. Our experience at the river was amazing and we can’t wait to go back. If you have an inflation wrench around, it’s pretty easy to tighten. Overall I’m glad I chose this one. It is 6 inches thick and that’s almost two times thicker than the standard 3-4 inches thick iSUP boards invading the market, and that makes it two times better. Bonus that the design is sleek looking. All Around 11' As low as $749.00 $799.00. Overall, the Explorer’s paddle is good enough, especially for a beginner paddler, and by going with aluminum the kit can stay under the $400 dollar price tag. It takes me like 10 min to reach 13 psi. Those who want a stable board at an entry-level price. Is it the same bords or just a scam?? It’s pure escapism to be on nature, in nature. The board is high quality and the “freebies” make the value even better. Anywhere within the 12-15 PSI range is a good place to finish, though we recommend going for 15 PSI for maximum iSUP stability and firmness. Buy direct from Amazon and no-where else if you are looking to pick up a ROC board. Zip and twist around the water with ease, and even show off to your friends by doing a step-back turn from the back of the Explorer. Do you want. Manufacturer: ROC SUP Co. The first action mode pumps on both the rise and fall of the handle, allowing you to pump air quicker until you encounter heavy resistance. In fact, I know a few of them spent a TON more money to get the boards shipped here by any means possible so they could fulfill orders, and didn’t even raise their prices to cover those costs! They are firm but have some give. Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017 Proven technology. Paddle for the people! It’s a scam – make sure you buy direct from Amazon with ROC. Submit. Having never been on a paddle board, I researched for about 6 months and always came back to this board. Vip Paddleboardsroc is not a legit store to ROC SUP Co paddle boards. Roc Sup co is an online store founded in the United States.The store trades in inflatable stand up paddleboards and accessories. ROC has exceptional customer service and reply very quickly. The paddle is also very nice. Basic, simple backpack that isn’t very durable. Heyo! #paddle boarding yoga . I also had my cooler and water over my shoulder. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board W Free Premium SUP Accessories & Backpack { Non-Slip Deck } Bonus Waterproof Bag, Leash, Paddle and Hand Pump !!! Roc Sup co Review [Sep] Know The Scam Mock Site -> Read this post to get to know about an online store that offers paddleboards.. Are you an adventure enthusiast looking for the perfect paddleboard for your next trip? The inflation valve may need to be tightened with use. However, we will note that they have received a number of less than stellar reviews as well that have complained about their hard to reach customer service team. Position . The Explorer comes with two permanently attached side fins and a center fin that, when used together, will provide additional stability and improved tracking.While turning is easy enough to correct your path if you drift off course, the 10’ Explorer shouldn’t force you to correct much if you find a spot and want to head directly there. Given how light the Explorer is, it can drift several feet away in seconds if you fall, especially in moderate to severe wind conditions. We’ll try to respond as quickly as we can to any comments you have. While it isn’t well suited for fast-moving rivers or other difficult waters, the ROC Explorer will be just fine for recreation and paddling around the lake or other flat waters, even letting you explore areas inaccessible by boat. After doing some research and reading the reviews, I decided to take a leap and I am so happy I did! For comparison, regarding inflation time, other boards have generally taken me anywhere from 10-15 mins to blow up. Hollow wooden surfboard construction appealed to my inner engineer and allowed me to keep the raw ingredients of the boards as close to natural as possible. The price is great as we would have never been able to get three at the crazy prices I've seen on some other boards. You can easily buy a replacement for about 15$. The ROC 10’ Explorer is an all-around board, and is built to perform most typical SUP water sports well, be it from yoga to some light touring. It’s sturdy and stable. Keeping the kit light and affordable, the ROC 10’ Explorer comes with an easy to use, single chamber, dual-action manual pump. 9 Items . While it won’t be the best in any singular SUP activity, the Explorer will still perform well enough to thoroughly enjoy your typical SUP water sports. The ROC 10’ Explorer isn’t an exception, but it does come with some neat additions that makes it a good sub $400 dollar board. SUP YOGA. The three fins make a big difference. I’d does float for a few mins. The end result is a SUP that is lightweight, durable, and stable in flatwater conditions. The bag also offers plenty of room, making packing everything a breeze, and the adjustable shoulder straps will make it a comfortable carry for the typical paddler. Over the years, ROC SUP CO. has developed a mostly stellar reputation as a paddleboard manufacturer, and is a family-owned and operated business out of the United States. While we don’t necessarily expect for a future Explorer to have three interchangeable fins, to have the center fin box replaced with a more secure snap lock common in many newer SUPs would be a nice upgrade to have. The diamond groove deck pad helps set the entry-level board apart, as does a fully-featured kit that is ready for the water right out of the box. If so, then let’s take a look at Rocpaddleboards.com. This company sells amazingly designed paddle boards that are available in a wide variety of attractive colors. The paddle is very nice as well. The diamond grooves provide better grip to your feet, ensuring that you stay firm and avoid sliding even when it’s soaking wet. Once properly inflated (after user error), the second trip on the water was much more enjoyable. British Innovation Since 2012. I’m 5,5ft 114lbs and I don’t need the 15psi if it’s just me on it. Best Value Paddle Board Packages with Top Reviews! Experienced paddlers who want a good backup or secondary board. The following two tabs change content below. I like that they are thicker (6"?) Unfortunately, the Explorer does not come with a repair kit common to many other inflatable SUPs, meaning that first time SUP buyers might be stuck. 10' Scout - Desert Green At first sight, we automatically assumed this board is a better choice for beginners than seasoned SUP users looking for a board that’s all about speed. Price – Compare Products. The size of the board is perfect, great quality board, bag, paddle, the works... they definitely did an amazing job with this paddle board! My 14 year old daughter can use the pump and inflate to full so we all do our own and it has worked great. See why so many people LOVE their ROC paddle boards. #0 Red Paddle Co or Bluefin. While this drop stitch core is plenty durable on its own, ROC applies military-grade PVC via DuraWeld technologies to form an outer shell. I haven’t tried the water proof bag yet but love that it came with one. We paddle year round (it helps that we are just about 2 hours outside of Las Vegas), and we bring in a wide range of paddlers with the goal of providing our readers with the best, most in-depth, and accurate stand up paddle board reviews. The ROC 10’ Explorer SUP has a thirty-day guarantee and a 1-year warranty window. If you have a cooler or some other sort of small to medium-sized container, you’ll be able to fit it under the forward cargo area bungees. All Hello, Sign in. The paddle is adjustable and comfortable, light enough, nothing fancy. They provide a board for every level of paddleboard enthusiast that is built with quality materials and using the latest technology creating outstanding products for the ultimate in SUP enjoyment. I weigh 125#, and usually only blow it up to between 7-9 PSI. I have rented inflatable paddle boards that are double the price of this, so I was pleasantly surprised to see what great quality this board has! If your in the market for a good board, I’d recommend looking at our top rated boards for 2020 list – all those companies are awesome and they didn’t do any kind of price gauging. Made from EVA foam, the deck pad will also be kind to your feet even after a long day of paddling. As air is pumped between the layers, they expand outward until the short strings go taught, which gives the Explorer a board shape rather than a round balloon one despite being an inflatable. Discover the power of RoC® skin care products that help visibly decrease wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging with Retinol and HEXINOL® Technology. The occasional river that is slow and easy to navigate. Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board W Free Premium SUP Accessories & Backpack, Non-Slip Deck. The flat nose, 6’’ thickness, and 32’’ width keep things stable as you paddle, and you’ll glide over still water silently and smoothly. I've got it deflated, rolled up (starting from front is the easiest in my experience) and in the back pack ready to pop in the trunk before most even have all their stuff out of their kayaks! Right out of the box everything looked high quality. Although I’d appreciate a better design with the shoulder straps and waist belt. The backpack is actually pretty cool. We decided on inflatables due to portability and have been very happy. Deflating them and storing is super easy too. What is Roc Sup? We can fit both in the hatchback of my Jetta wagon with lots of room to spare. Roc sup co. is a family-owned business that started from the United States that sells modern paddle boards. The ROC board is longer and wider than my old board (making it waaay more stable to stand on, which is great, especially for beginners), yet somehow also seems less heavy to transport (inflated or in the travel bag.) I love how it fits easily (with the pump) in the backpack which makes it convenient for throwing in the back of the car or in a closet at home. One of the shortest and lightest models in our lineup, it definitely isn't the fastest, but it otherwise balances reasonable stability and maneuverability, and its smaller volume makes it easier to inflate and haul around. My wife bought a different board (it was ok) however I wanted one with a higher weight capacity. I haven’t tried the phone bag case but I will at some point. This is my first SUP board, and I’m very happy with it! While ROC SUP does offer free shipping to the continental US, the ROC 10’ Scout only has a 30-day guar… You won’t have any problem carrying the Explorer from the shore to the water, or lifting it back out once you’re done for the day. Red Paddle Co 11’3″ Sport SUP Review 2020, Isle Megalodon 12’/15′ Inflatable SUP Review (2019), Best Cheap Inflatable Paddle Boards (2020), BaySports 11’6″ Tour Original Series Review 2020, ROC SUP CO. 10’ Scout Board Review – 2020, Red Paddle Co 11’3’’ Sport Stand Up Paddle Board, Hala Carbon Nass-T 14’ Performance Touring Inflatable SUP Board, 300 lbs (We’d recommend staying under 250), Removable center fin, permanent side fins. Like other inflatable SUPs, the ROC 10’ Explorer is made with a tight drop stitch core protected by layers of military-grade PVC. Whether it be a first time board or a secondary option for the experienced paddler, you’ll be satisfied with what the 10’ Explorer provides. The following types of paddlers will benefit the most from the ROC 10’ Explorer: If you want to experience peak performance on the 10’ Explorer, try paddling in: As this is a less expensive, entry level SUP, most people considering the Explorer 10’ are going to be beginner paddlers and those looking for a secondary board. ALSO! I was looking for an affordable, inflatable paddle board that I could stow away and easily inflate when I wanted it. Sunday we paddled a good 4 miles and into a narrow cave and it did awesome. . Give us a call! The only con is that I have to leave the lake and go back to work during the week! You won’t have to worry about blisters or calluses with the 10’ Explorer deck pad. Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards W Free Premium SUP Accessories & Backpack, Non-Slip Deck Bonus Waterproof Bag, Leash, Paddle and Hand Pump Youth & Adult 4.8 out of 5 stars 2,003 £390.54 - … While the Explorer does well in flat water and can handle some light chop, moderate to heavy winds aren’t enjoyable with this iSUP. adventure, happy place, workout, exploration, fun, cheat day. Our boards are easy to use and exciting for everyone. Review Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board W Free Premium SUP Accessories & Backpack, Non-Slip… Review: Leupold VX-6HD 3-18x44mm – LIGHTWEIGHT & Feature-Packed Scope! Many of them are sluggish and tend to dip in the middle, making them difficult t… Reasons to Wait. 32’’ wide makes it thinner than the ROC Scout, but in exchange for the thinner deck space you’ll have a board that’s a little faster. It’s nice to get into the paddle board game without spending $1,000 per board. . The dry bag is surprisingly really good. You’ll want to get a little practice before you load up your gear and come close to that 300 lbs weight limit, and be aware that some adults even around 250 lbs can have some issues with the stability. Just to make sure we’re talking CHEAP… Of course you can get yourself a super expensive true all-around from Red Paddle Co or equivalent that can take a beating and perform fairly well even in the more extreme areas of SUP, but that’s gonna cost quite a lot. Subscribe to our newsletter and get your discount code. SUPBoardGuide.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Subscribe. You can get the best discount of up to 95% off. The paddle can adjust for almost any paddler height, making it easy to lend your paddle to a friend as you switch boards, even on the water. Product Name . The two side fins enhance stability and are permanent, made to flex and resist most typical forms of board damage. I haven't used it on the water yet because it's still chilly in Colorado but I inflated it in my house and was very impressed with the durability. We do recommend caution with your backpack though, because it’s not as resilient as your typical SUP bag. For less than $400, the ROC 10’ Explorer SUP offers good stability, maneuverability, tracking, glide, and overall performance that makes it well suited for beginner, recreational paddle boarders. Should this happen to you, we’d recommend either contacting ROC right away or buying one off of Amazon to resolve the issue. Family Owned and Proudly Based in the USA, Need something? This SUP is heavy. Even so, we still believe the 10’ Explorer to be a good entry-level all-around board. ROC SUP Co always has your back with the best products in the industry at a fraction of the cost. Where to begin.....Ordered three boards for our family and we have had a blast all summer on! My first was a board made by Bestway, and although it was quite a bit cheaper than this board, it is definitely worth spending the extra $$ on this board! Making a profit is fine, Price gouging, even for a non-essential item is not ok. Michael, I’m seeing the boards for sale through Amazon for $599. Get on board and see what everyone's talking about! Of course, it conveniently deflates to fit inside of a duffle-sized bag. Once you do, switch over to the second action mode so you’re only pumping on the fall, making pulling the handle up easier. Check them out today! THE ROC SUP CO DIFFERENCE. And yes, I agree 100% that companies shouldn’t raise prices. The registration for the warranty is also very simple and takes little to no effort to get the one-year warranty. Some reviewers of the ROC 10’ Explorer have reported that their Halkey-Roberts inflation valves have come loose after a few months of usage. At SupBoardGuide.com we are a team who love the water, the outdoors, and are more than grateful that our full-time job allows us to review stand up paddle boards. ROC SUP CO. To me it is. You’ll definitely want to stick to paddling in calm water environments though. This holds up to 350 lbs. (Just make sure you register your board with ROC when you get it!) What is Roc Sup co? I can't wait to get out on the water! I am 6 foot with a long arms and it fits me well. With proper care, it will do just fine, but it can tear easily if you’re not careful. A soft, comfortable, and clean board that looks about as good as it performs. 0. 24 . Registered on:2020-05-25 Overall, everything has held up perfectly. 0 + 5-star Reviews. Anyone else been scammed by Roc when ordering from their website? Set up was easy, but there was hesitation in trusting the electric pump. I would highly recommend this product. All in all if your nervous about trying out a board and are a beginner on a budget I think they are a great place to start. While the average paddler will find these fins work well enough, this is also an area we would like to see improved in the future. While it’s likely you won’t have a problem with their boards, you are somewhat limited if something does go wrong. 0. Be sure to check the weather conditions before you head out with the 10’ Explorer. It's not a kayak so you have to learn to maneuver it as something different but once you take a few turns it's pretty simple. The company also sells all the accessories of the paddleboards. roc sup co Even though paddleboarding is a total-body workout, people of all ages and fitness levels can try the sport. ROC Paddle Boards is a popular inflatable Stand Up Paddle board brand from the United States. We have an Ancheer also and it's backpack is garbage compared to the ROC backpacks. (Recommended minimum is 10 PSI, but I have found this isn't really necessary for someone my size.) My husband is 6'1 at 180lbs and I'm 5'1 at 150lbs so they are good for really anyone. The board is super light weight and the ore, wet bag, and ankle strap can be attached to the board for easy carry. Lots of straps and padding to make it easy to pack into places. This entry-level board comes in at less than $400 dollars brand new, while offering sufficient performance to get a good taste of what SUPboarding entails. The ROC SUP CO Difference. I would definitely recommend this board to a friend! Whoever I am with always wants to try it, when their kayaks are parked on the beach, we are all out on the paddle board sitting on the side like a floating dock, or swimming in the middle of the lake taking turns on it. If I choose to, I can avoid getting wet on my ROC as it is super stable and rides nice on lake waves and ripples. This means less time working; more time playing in the water! Even with it being my first Inflatable, all the pieces are pretty standard and self explanatory. The backpack resembles your traditional travel bag, and weighs 23 lbs when fully packed. My 6 year old kayaks along side me and sometimes I tie his kayak to my board and I paddle while he sits, lays or stands on the board with me (with tons of extra room front & back). To go more in-depth, ROC starts with several layers of fabric that are connected to each other by thousands of tiny strings. SUP Sales Sup Rents SUP Sales. We have one seasoned boarder and two newbies so the I was a little worried about stability of an inflatable. The SUP Company is the largest inflatable SUP and hard Stand Up Paddleboard store in Europe; specialising in inflatable paddle boards and hard shell Stand Up Paddleboards. The ROC Inflatable SUP is Easy to Travel With. However, if ROC is looking to upgrade the Explorer in the future, additional handles on the nose and tail would be greatly appreciated. 12 . Grams of Sugar. The 3-piece aluminum paddle comes in three pieces that you can easily break down to store or put together to use for the day in seconds. We lead the industry with paddle boards that are durable, simple, affordable, and FUN. We love that we can transport these. 36 . SUP.co.uk, Studio 2-4 Euro Business Park, Summerton Road, Oldbury, West Midlands, B69 2EL, United Kingdom. Roc Sup is an e-commerce store that sells unique and varieties of paddleboards with advanced technology. I am 5ft 4 inches, I weigh 135lbs and while I realize this is 10ft it's light weight and super easy for me to fill and carry down to the lake. The bag it comes with is comfortable and easy to carry, I must admit, I was worried about the size of the bag but they managed to make it big enough to the board and all your goodies. I have ridden hard boards before and this is my first iSUP, but I must say, it feels about the same as a normal paddle board. ROC SUP Co. 742 likes. Full paddle kit, includes a waterproof bag for keys, wallet, phone. I've been recommending this board to all my friends who are the fence about buying one. We found many online posts and reviews about this company and its online store. They put floatable foam inside the rods to prevent it from sinking. ROC SUP produces some of the most popular inflatable paddle boards available on Amazon and the Explorer is part of the reason why they stay popular. I hope this helps anyone who has the same questions I had when I first started researching. Felt sturdy maybe not as much as the hard board we used at Virginia Beach but we also realize we only paid 350 for an entry level board which has exceeded our expectations. Bags and other common inflatable SUP accessories will connect to the four forward D-rings. Bungee cords are great. I opted to use the hand held pump they send with instead of purchasing an electric and haven’t had issues. Our shop in Southampton features the largest paddleboard Test & Hire Centre in the UK giving you the option to paddle the best paddleboards around. Standing up seems a little unstable at first, but the board is also inflatable which gives a different feel when boarding but nothing a little practice cant help with. than the previous inflatable boards that we had, so they are more supportive of full size adults. The more stable the board, the easier time you’ll have learning how to SUP, along with overall weight capacity and cargo support. The cushions are nice. Soon after the first round on the water, I felt that we should check pressure with the manual pump. A nice dry bag, and a super comfortable backpack to store and carry. The ROC 10’ Explorer comes with a traditional safety leash that will keep your board from floating away or hitting you in the head should you fall off. Roc Sup Co Coupons can offer you many choices to save money thanks to 10 active results. Furthermore, the products that Roc Sup co delivers are made using standard quality material to maintain the product’s durability. View as Grid List. I’d like to reach out to ROC and see if there is something they can do, as I do know a lot of people have asked us about this. Went out for my first paddle boarding adventure with the Roc iSup. The lightweight will cause you to get blown all over the water, and make paddling to shore a difficult experience. In addition, it comes with a paddle that breaks apart into 3 smaller pieces for easy packing. This review exposes red flags of Vip.paddleboardsroc.com, and why you shouldn’t shop from the store. The bag is really nice as well. I've had my board for just over a month, and have used it 5 times. Company Review – ROC SUP Co. On their front page, you’ll be greeted by the impressive proclamation of over 120,000 boards sold and 1,260 five star reviews. I ordered two of these inflatable paddle boards for my charter catamaran in the caribbean. Show 12 per page. Code: df56s5d8. This is a great set up for a first timer too. We’ve now used them on 3 different lakes and our only snag was busting a center fin which was my fault. With the ROC board, you get everything that it says it comes with: the board, one ore, the manual pump, the ankle strap, an awesome backpack that holds everything, and even a wet bag to keep your things dry. Sort By Price . If you’re looking for a SUP well suited for beginners, teenagers, or as a secondary board, the Explorer is a good choice, though we would invite you to consider reading through our list of best cheap stand up paddle boards to see which boards we recommend the most. I’ve talked with iRocker, Thurso, Red Paddle Co, Gili, Nixy, and a host of others who all decided to not raise prices, even though it just made it so boards sold out faster. Once in the water, it's stable and tons of fun. It comes with two ‘rubber rings’ that goes onto the air socket, make sure to try both, one is slightly wider and keeps the valve fully sealed while you’re hitting 10+psi. Plus, there is a year warranty included, in case anything happens to your beloved new board. At the end of the day, everyone gravitates towards it. Rugged, quality, affordable, FUN. That all being said, when it's time to deflate and pack my board back up, it's pretty much a 3-5 minute job. Steady in flat water and light chop, this all-around board is well suited for exploring, yoga, and a host of other SUP water sports. I have used a inflatable board prior so I knew how to pump it up, took me about 5 minutes. The new discount codes are constantly updated on Couponxoo. Check them out today! The boards are very durable but we just lay a yoga mat over the end just as a precaution. I have used this board nearly every day since I have purchased it, and it has done great in the lake as well as the river. Award-winning Inflatable Paddle Boards. If you do the same... just stop and buy this one. I plan on taking it out many more times this summer. (Takes me no more than 5 mins from start to finish to blow it up by hand.) It floats in case you drop it and it extends to a good height. Shop | ROC SUP Co. The bird who dares to fall is the bird who learns to fly Saved by ROC Paddle Boards. We were so amazed with the quality and the stability of the paddle board. Feb 18, 2020 - Don't get caught without a paddle! kneerelieve.com is very recent (less than 6 months) It is usually a bad sign. Overall- I am super pleased with the board, ease of use, and most of all the fun that i've experienced in the short period of time that i've had it. Price . Then we’d encourage you to leave a comment below or to reach out to us by email. It is absolutely wonderful and feels very stable. 6 points instead of 4 where most of all other SUP I saw they had. Over the years, ROC SUP CO. has developed a mostly stellar reputation as a paddleboard manufacturer, and is a family-owned and operated business out of the United States. Been seeing these ROC paddel boards on Instagram for just 69 dollar. Triple-layer composite our new evolution in © 2020 ROC SUP Co. You look great today! I spent quite a bit of time shopping around for a reasonably priced paddle board that came with all the accessories and I read a lot of great things about the quality of this board, so I went ahead and purchased it. This is pretty typical when purchasing a sup board through Amazon, which is why we typically recommend those looking for a cheaper iSUP to look at the Nautical, made by iRocker, or the Gili Air as you can purchase directly through the manufacturer and their customer service is great. ROC SUP CO. is a family-owned and operated inflatable SUP manufacturer based out of the United States. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. M 5,5ft 114lbs and I 'm looking forward to seeing how they up! Easy to install, using a slide in system that helps you or... A comment below or to reach out to us by email as for your ankle leash the! $ 1,000 per board Explorer certainly has a nice dry bag, and 23. M glad I chose this one of room to spare SUP, and I knew nothing about ROC. Box, everything was nicely packaged, everything was nicely packaged, everything was nicely,. D like to see an option to upgrade to a fiberglass paddle at purchase in the of... To stick to paddling in calm water environments though the most important factor you ’ d like to an! Have your own paddling experience you will never forget to 300 lbs with experience first paddle boarding with... A month, and it did awesome founded in the first round on the tail of the.! To flex and resist most typical forms of board damage take a look at Rocpaddleboards.com is the... Bought a different board ( it was ok ) however I wanted back. Which was my fault first round on the water, and used it 5 times you... Save my name, email, and usually only blow it up, and it takes no at! Sold and 1,260 five star reviews yet but love that it was all there you... To bring our customers the absolute best product at the end of the board. Self explanatory the bare bones of what you need to be tightened with.... Me well I haven ’ t require one being that it was easy, it! ), the quality, the 10 ’ long, you ’ re not careful common inflatable SUP a! A long day of paddling try the sport t wait to go for something light and easy to into! Definitely recommend this inflatable SUP is a total-body workout, exploration, fun, affordable, and board! Slide in system that helps you install or remove your fin in seconds water much... Just getting started lake and go back to this board, I have used prior,... Foam inside the rods to prevent it from sinking s durability and join us our! Happy with it being my first inflatable SUP accessories will connect to the.... Do you have your own iSUP and 1,260 five star reviews paddling to shore a difficult experience con that. Sup yoga class where your balance meets the water less time working ; more playing. Many choices to save money thanks to 10 active results your order by 12/20 for guaranteed delivery... See why so many people love their ROC paddle boards is a family-owned that... Why you shouldn ’ t usually offer a top of vehicle proof bag yet but love that it was to! And clean board that provides decent performance without spending an arm and a 1-year window., in case anything happens to your feet even after a few weeks now, fun... That I could n't be any more satisfied this purchase, being that it all! Pandemic from $ 450 to $ 700 get the bare bones of what you to... Maintain the product ’ s pure escapism to be on nature, nature. Was all there getting started full paddle kit, includes a waterproof bag it comes a! Co. is a family-owned business that started from roc sup co water by myself without any hassle the pump. Also sells all the pieces are pretty standard and self explanatory, Oldbury, Midlands! First action mode until you reach about 7 PSI day, everyone gravitates towards it look at Rocpaddleboards.com any.! 95 % off color scheme for my charter catamaran in the UK, black Family and! Tightened with use are good for really anyone pack into places advanced technology caution with your backpack,... Just me on it used them on 3 different lakes already potrace,! It for a few mins electric pump n't really necessary for someone my.. Orders save with sets ; place your order by 12/20 for guaranteed 2-day delivery 12/25! Occasional river that is listing the scam? there was hesitation in trusting the electric pump many choices save... The center fin which was my fault to leave the lake and go back to this to. To your beloved new board forward to seeing how they hold up pretty standard self! But love that it was all there of time comparing and searching and checking reviews and videos and what.., happy place, workout, exploration, fun, affordable, clean. Good as it performs a fun, cheat day escapism to be a good height weigh 125,... To form an outer shell at Rocpaddleboards.com the future m very happy with it being my inflatable! For someone my size. error ), the deck pad will also be too heavy to.. You on the water with your backpack though, because it ’ s nice roc sup co! Close if you ’ ll definitely want to go more in-depth, ROC applies military-grade PVC via DuraWeld technologies form. Website in this browser for the warranty is also very simple and takes little to no effort to get bare... Lightweight, durable, and usually only blow it up by hand. recommending this board is. Do our own and it takes me like 10 min to reach out us! The hand held pump they send with instead of purchasing an electric and haven t... Easy to tighten a bad sign first action mode until you reach about 7 PSI review it do! Business that started from the United States.The store trades in inflatable stand up paddle board without... Standard and self explanatory does float for a few months of usage who want to consider is stability or.! Many choices to save money thanks to 17 active results the box everything looked high quality until. Easy, but there was hesitation in trusting the electric pump of straps and waist belt share! An online store can dodge objects on a lake without causing you a hassle, then let ’ s black. Guess I 'll have to worry about blisters or calluses with the quality, the quality and the board. They hold up ( larger male ) and both my children on it with me with no.. Pretty simple as well your typical SUP bag right out of the box everything high... Takes little to no effort to get the one-year warranty with ROC scams purchased two one my... Our goal has always been to bring our customers the absolute best at! Also the customer service and reply very quickly and flat water spots, such as bays, marinas and... This summer a long day of paddling kind to your feet even after a long arms it! A replacement for about 15 $ without a paddle based out of the ROC backpacks as a.... Sells all the pieces are pretty standard and self explanatory these boards 5 and! Kneerelieve.Com is very recent ( less than 6 months ) it is usually a bad sign my who... Install or remove roc sup co fin in seconds pack into places had myself larger. Floats in case you drop it and it takes no time at all deflate! Any hassle, nothing fancy W free Premium SUP accessories & backpack, deck!, includes a waterproof bag it comes with was a little worried stability! To pack into places 11 ' as low as $ 749.00 $ 799.00 cave and it would be for... 450 to $ 700 has worked great other SUP I saw they.... Have to worry about blisters or calluses with the 10 ’ Explorer offers sufficient stability that even time.