Case Study: Original Grain

Starting out, Brothers Ryan and Andrew Beltran set out to redefine the watch industry and launched Original Grain via Instagrautorter becoming the third most successful fashion campaign in history.

“When we started, the goal was to create a watch that simply didn’t exist. Watches have always used the same materials and lacked innovation. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, we were inspired to use a seamless combination of all-natural wood and stainless steel.”

With their two main goals to “create timeless timepieces and tell timeless stories”, Ryan and Andrew realized early on the impact Instagram could have for their business.

“Instagram is the first place people tend to look when they hear about a new brand. It establishes credibility with the customer and gives them a snapshot of what your brand is all about.”

Telling a story, building community

Original Grain was built on a direct to consumer business model with online sales being the large majority of their revenue, so they reached out to us to help them extend their reach to their ideal customer.

“With Instagrauto, we’re able to see the impact they have on our Instagram account based on the engagement they drive, most of which we would not be able to do on our own.”

While we focused on growing the awareness, they were able to put the focus back on perfecting their signature rustic look that encompasses an adventure seeking lifestyle.

When asked the secret to running a successful Instagram account, the brothers answered, “Authenticity. Without that, people are not going to engage. It’s about establishing your brand voice and sticking to it.”

Making it big time clients

Along with the Instagrauto service, the Original Grain team works with influencers, conducts contest, and advertises via sponsored post to ensure that they use that platform to its full potential.

“It’s important to always be adapting. We’re constantly looking for new ways to use the channel to market the brand.”

Now with their established social credibility, Original Grain has been able to land big brand partnership to further enrich the quality of their designs, such as the incorporation of Jim Beam Bourbon barrels and the Golden State Warriors championship floor.