Case Study: Todd Pinckney

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to always capture the most important days of your life? Well then you need someone like Todd Pinckney, an entrepreneur who took his passion for photography and turned it into a living.

Taking a chance

During Pinckney’s fourth year of psychology graduate school, he realized something—photography came before everything else in his life. He loved the depth of emotion, richness of joy and sacredness of a moment he could find in just one of his images.

While some questioned his decision to choose photography over a graduate-level education, Pinckney jumped in head first. As soon as he committed himself to his camera, things took off more quickly than he could have ever anticipated. Year after year, he’s reached new business milestones and has seen an increasing amount of inquiries and revenue.

A visual portfolio

As his business grew, Pinckney quickly realized how the visual power of Instagram could not only showcase his work, but also help establish legitimacy behind his brand to potential clients.

When asked what makes a successful Instagram, Todd said it all comes down to: “consistency, consistency, consistency—both in terms of the amount of content, the appearance of content, and the voice of content.”

Todd’s Instagram transformed into his visual portfolio to highlight his best work while sharing the happiness of his clients.

Our partnership

Like most, “solopreneurs, Todd wears an ever-increasing number of hats. From accountant to customer service representative to social media manager, Pinckney is mostly a one-stop shop—which is why he decided to use Instagrauto to save him time on growing his Instagram.

Pinckney contacted us with big goals for his Instagram. After working together for a few months, here’s what he has to say:

“I love Instagrauto’s approach because they successfully target followers of other pages similar to mine, thus increasing the likelihood of voluntarily following my page. Instagrauto has helped me consistently gain legitimate and engaged followers each month.

Even further, though, (because followers really don’t mean anything without sales/leads) I’ve received several inquiries for jobs that have come directly through Instagrauto over the last several months of using their services”

Putting the future in focus

Since joining Instagrauto, Todd has found the time to put the focus back on his passion—growing his business and capturing the priceless moments of his clients.

On your next life-changing day, don’t leave anything to chance. Make sure you have someone professional—like Todd Pinckney—behind the camera.