Case Study: Loulette Bride

It started with a simple G-Chat at work from her colleague.

Back in 2015, Marteal Mayer and long-time college friend Timmy Johnson, were burnt out from their 9:00-5:00 corporate jobs that no longer fostered their creative stimulation.

As recounted by Marteal, “Miserable in the grind of desk jobs, developing watered-down designs made in overseas factories, we longed to be back in a real design studio, working with quality fabrics, and making garments we felt proud of.”

After months of chatting back and forth, a decision needed to be made. Marteal was faced with the choice to staying in corporate America or saying ‘I do’ to her dream job.

Tying the knot

Ultimately, she took the risk and dove head first into her newly established bridal collection. Her dedication helped establish Loulette Bride, a spirited bridal company for the adventurous soul that caters to modern women, alongside Timmy’s brand – Loulette Lingerie.

She was up for the challenge if it meant following her passion. “It all comes down to tenacity through all the highs and lows, because when you are selling your own craft, it’s very personal.”

Now, Loulette Bride is quickly on the rise with four collections, released in under two years, and expanding their reach to sell in 16 retailers across four countries.

🚀 Accelerating her growth

Early on, Mayer knew that Instagram would be one of the most influential marketing tools for her company, saying:

“Instagram has been almost our only marketing and advertising tool. It has been incredibly important for connecting with retailers and brides alike, and allowing us to be a part of our customer’s lives on a daily basis”

Mayer realized that she wasn’t taking full advantage of her target market. Being a self-proclaimed “un-tech savvy person,” Mayer struggled with the non-creative side of starting a business.

“I only used hashtags, cross-promotions, that sort of thing to gain followers organically. Cross promotion is great, but I felt I could only get so far.” So, she reached out to us to connect with more brides who wanted to dance the night away in superior designs.

📈 Making an impact

With the power of Instagram and Instagrauto, Mayer has been able to see her designs come full circle. Brides are now tagging photos of purchased Loulette gowns for their weddings, bringing her collection to life and reminding her why she decided to start this business in the first place.

“Instagrauto immensely helpful in building my Instagram base not only with REAL followers and accounts, but with accounts that care about my product and business.”

“It’s thrilling to be able to see these photos and so easily share them and connect with our brides again.”

When asked what advice she had for others starting out on Instagram, Marteal confidently mentioned, “It is essential to hone in on your brand and who you are, and stay true to that throughout every post both in style and coloration of photos.” She has found that posting high quality images while expressing her own voice truly resonates with her audience and significantly boosts engagement.